“I cannot put into words how amazing our trip was, but I am going to try! The hospitality was one of a kind, the food was superb, the horses were wonderful and the company fantastic. I don’t think this trip could have gone any better. We were welcomed with open arms as soon as we arrived. The weather cooperated, for the most part, and Gudmar understood what we wanted in regards to the horses and he was able to implement it. He was able to pair the correct horse with the rider and gave extra attention to the ones who were a little nervous. Riding 2x a day was perfect and the length of the ride was just enough. We were impressed with the horses’ behavior as well as stamina. There were no serious horse- related issues which was perfect! Needless to say, well done!! You managed to plan a trip for tons of personalities and everyone had a great time. Nancy’s knowledge and love for the culture just shines through when she tells sagas and stories of where we were. We most definitely will be back! If it isn’t for America 2Iceland, it may be to participate in a trek!”

“Now that we’re safely, and sadly, back home, just wanted to reiterate what a wonderful time I had. This trip, which had been on my ‘bucket list’ for about 10 years, was truly special. It was the single best vacation I’ve ever had. Spending time with Gudmar is always extraodinary, and being with Nancy was a double bonus. The even further bonus was being there when Millie and Dogun connected. What a beautiful horse and happy rider! Nancys’ quiet, gentle, serious, but warm and engaging presence was a joy. What a rare perfect combination of a writer who can impart wisdom of both Iceland’s history and it’s horses. I now have another item on my bucket list — Iceland 2017.”

“Great idea to have the clinic horses on the trek. The group dynamics made this a most pleasant experience. Truly a Global village group. My reflections: an ‘everyone inclusive’ fun and enriching time in my lifes journey. Thank you all for that wonderful contribution.”

“As the lessons progressed, all the pieces fit together and I think I progressed more than any other clinic I have taken. I really liked how when I explained some difficulty to Gudmar, he really listened to me and if he didn’t have an answer right then, he still mentally worked on it while he was attending to someone else. I have taken many clinics from some very well-known Icelandic trainers and this was the most productive for me. My dad had special health concerns and he was very well taken care of. I will be eternally grateful that I got to spend this time with my 82-year old dad. Thank you for organizing such a fantastic trip and being so accommodating. It will be a trip I will always treasure in my memories.”

“The clinic was excellent and you cannot get much better than Gudmar. He was focused and attentive to each of us and matched me very well with both horses. I thought the staff wonderful! I would definitely take another trip with A2I. I loved  the fact that we used the same horses on the trek that we did in the clinic and was given the opportunity to work with them”

“Thanks to all for your contributions to a wonderful trip! It was great getting to know people from all over who are as nutty about their Icies as I am ;-)”

“One of the best clinics/vacations I have ever taken. I learned so much from Gudmar as usual. He was very motivational. Thank you to all who made this a memorable event. I will always remember the colors of Iceland and its gentle people”

“This was a great experience for me! I loved it, had fun, and learned a lot.”

“I’ve been on many wonderful riding holidays – to Ireland, France, and Wyoming. But this trip was by far the best. I learned more in 5 days of riding than in all the other lessons I’ve ever had combined. Rebecca and Joe complemented Gudmar in their depth of experience with both horses and the country and managed the riding schedule with the other activities in an extremely efficient and thoughtful manner. It was a terrific trip in every way.”

“I am amazed how comfortable I now feel not only on a horse but around them as well. What a great feeling to overcome many anxieties. The combination of Rebecca, Joe and Gudmar is perfect and their enthusiasm is catching. Their interactions with us (as students) was supportive and resulted in much confidence being developed. Many, many thanks!.”

“We could not have been made more comfortable or more happy with the group and arrangements. Pace was fast and thorough. Time spent when not in group was often very informative. Having daylight so late made for long, fun, exciting,  productive days. We put 2 weeks into 1.”

“I am quite happy with my Iceland experience. Our clinician was a good communicator, conscientious, humorous, and patient. I appreciated how Rebecca & Joe made a big effort to consider everyone’s individual needs. ”

“I am very happy I took this trip. I learned a lot. Everyone was accommodating to a slower paced rider. ”

“This trip was about as perfect a fit for the description you gave. There were moments of such supreme perfection and delight for me that I could only describe them as poetry;the sublime whiteness of the glacier, the silliness of the silica mask (at the Blue Lagoon) which made us all Northern nubians, and the shadows of lava in the spirit of black stallions.”