Song of the Vikings 2015

Sagas & Vikings

The weather continued bright and sunny for America2Iceland’s third “Song of the Vikings” tour based at Stadarhus, this year with optional horseback riding. Strangely, six of our eight attendees opted in, and we ended up scheduling riding lessons and trail rides with Linda every day at 10 and 11 in the morning. Everyone had a great time, some enjoying the tolt for the first time in their lives.

Meanwhile our non-riders enjoyed taking nature walks on the farm–birdwatching and botanizing and meeting the foals in the bright sunshine–or reading books in the cozy hotel lounge.

Each afternoon we embarked on an expedition to a saga sight or other cultural center. Highlights were Borg and the Settlement Center exhibitions, Reykholt and the Snorri Sturluson exhibition, a visit to Fakasel Horse Park, and the 871 museum in Reykjavik. We also visited a lava cave, waterfalls, the black beaches of Hvita River, the largest volume hotspring in Europe, the only Icelandic goat breeding farm, the local swimming pool, and Stedji Brewery, famous for its licorice beer (believe me, it’s good).

After an excellent dinner prepared with imagination by our creative cook, GerĂ°a (who confessed she had never cooked for so many vegetarians before), we gathered in the stable’s coffee room for a brief saga discussion and viewing of related videos. A fine combination of learning and relaxation, like all of America2Iceland’s tours.

Written by Nancy Marie Brown

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