Safety around horses

Safety Around Horses
Icelandic horses are very friendly and much less dangerous to be around than horses of other breeds, but that doesn’t mean they are harmless. Here are eight important safety tips:

1. When approaching loose horses in a field, make sure they see you. Don’t shout or wave things at them, just talk to them and wait until they see you before you approach.

2. If they come close enough to touch, you can gently touch them. Don’t raise your hands, or they will be frightened. Some horses hate having their ears touched. Other horses might nip. Never try to hold on to them.

3. Never feed them anything.

4. Be careful taking photos. Your camera’s flash could cause a stampede.

5. Be especially slow and careful when approaching mares with foals. Never get in between a mare and her foal or she may become aggressive. Never hold onto a foal.

6. If you become surrounded by a herd of horses in a field, move slowly and carefully through them until you reach the edge, talking to them all the time. You do not want them to become afraid and stampede. You could get knocked down and hurt.

7. Do not go into a stall, a corral, or a small fenced-in area that has horses in it unless you are intending to catch (and halter) a horse to ride and you know what you’re doing.

8. When approaching a horse that is tied up, talk to it. If you have to pass behind it, either stay at least a full horse length away, or go close enough to place your hand on the horse’s rump and reassure it that you are harmless.

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