Preparing for Your Trip


• Bathing Suit
• Slippers
• Sunglasses
• Sleeping Mask
• Ear plugs
• Waterproof jacket with hood
• Outer fleece-lined windstop layer to wear under jacket
• Waterproof pants to wear over breeches
• Waterproof riding gloves
• Warm (woolen or fleece) sweater
• Layering tops & t-shirts (cotton, Coolmax)
• Long underwear (protects also from chaffing)
• Warm Socks (1 pr/day)
• Sports bra for the ladies
• Riding pants and/or breeches
• Waterproof or water resistant riding boots (can be same boots used in clinic)
• Toiletries
• Band aids and second skin plasters for chaffing
• Gnat net head cover
• Sunscreen for face and lips
• Electric Travel Converter (The electric current in Iceland is 220 volts, 50 HZ AC)


It is important to follow the regulations regarding the disinfecting of used riding gear. Riding gear (boots, riding trousers, jackets, hats, gloves, etc.) needs to be washed (40°C) or dry cleaned. Leather items which can not be washed or dry cleaned need to be disinfected at least five days prior to arriving in Iceland. The Icelandic Veterinary Authority recommends the broad-spectrum disinfectant Virkon-S or Nolvasan for disinfection. Saddles, bridles and other used leather gear may not be brought into the country.

Please understand that these precautions are necessary because there are no contagious animal diseases in Iceland. Horses are not vaccinated and are therefore susceptible to infectious agents from abroad. Please help us to protect Iceland’s fragile nature!