A great season!!

Our 2013 summer season has finished with our final trip, Bootcamp 1. It’s always bittersweet to leave Iceland, and especially the amazing horses that give us all their heart and take us through these amazing landscapes. Our bootcamp trip consisted of some really great memories, heart-stopping moments, great riders, and long-lasting friendships.


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Counting Sheep

We had an amazing time last fall on our Sheep Round Up in September. Only 2 days of rain total. We are still going through our helmet-cam footage to share with you. Hours and hours of untouched terrain. Both our horses and guides were absolutely incredible. Fall is certainly a good time to travel to Iceland. Next fall 2013, we will do a similar trip as a horse round-up.

Here’s some footage from the Sheep Round Up trip

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Lights. Camera. Action.

In July 2011 we had our exciting Vacation of a Lifetime trip in the north of Iceland which was filmed for RFD-TV and the Rick Lamb Show. The show aired in November 2011. Rick and Diana Lamb presented 2 programs that focused on the different aspects of our trip.

For a long time they have been admirers of the Icelandic horse and Diana has one Icelandic horse of her own in the US. They were impressed by the strength, courage, stamina, and sure-footedness of the Icelandic horse.

To see some of the footage that aired on the Rick Lamb Show

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