About Us

America2Iceland LLC is a company dedicated to planning and providing educational trips to Iceland. Most of our trips are equine related, but we also offer riding-optional tours.

Our goal is to provide the best educational and recreational experience possible by ensuring the quality of every component. We provide all-inclusive trips to Iceland for the purpose of learning about Icelandic culture and the Icelandic horse.

For our equine-related tours, we work with the best clinicians, and all the horses we use are of high quality, well trained, with many available for purchase. The training facilities we use allow for both indoor and outdoor sessions. These trips include clinic time, trail riding, excursions to top breeding stables, and visits and talks with some of Iceland’s most well known, breeders, teachers, riders, and equine historians. Some trips include sight-seeing, while others may be more intensive clinics for advanced riders. We even have trips that combine clinic time and multi-day treks, using the horses from the clinic!

Our riding-optional tours are led by experts in Icelandic literature and culture and combine reading and discussion with daily trips to saga sites, museums, and natural wonders. Through interactions with local people, and excursions off the beaten track, these tours offer an in-depth learning experience in a part of Iceland where every stone tells a story.

The accommodations for all our tours are always comfortable, hospitable, and include excellent family-style meals. And all our trips make time to experience the recuperative qualities of Iceland’s wonderful, natural hot springs and pools.

Starting in 2016, America2Iceland will begin acting as tour liaison for any trips that are less clinic focused, such as the Relax & Ride trip, and the Trekking Adventure trips.

How we are different

Our tours are kept small, to a maximum of 8-12 guests, to ensure plenty of personal attention. All of our hosts and clinicians speak excellent English, while our guides and instructors are world-renowned experts in their fields.

The clinicians for our equine-related tours have extensive teaching experience with all levels of riders. Our teaching philosophy caters to each participant’s specific riding ability, however some trips are planned exclusively for beginning, intermediate, or advanced riders to ensure a satisfying focus and experience. We provide questionnaires well in advance to help us truly understand each participant’s level of riding, experience, knowledge of the breed, preferences, and any areas of particular interest. We then use this information to ensure the appropriate curriculum for all riders. We also spend as much as 30 days in advance of the trip working with local breeders in Iceland to match horses to participants. Our staff rides and qualifies each horse and ensures that they are transported to the host location and ready for the clinic.

Additionally, our Educate & Rejuvenate and our Sagas & Viking trips are escorted by one or more of the A2I staff to ensure the quality of service and to enhance the curriculum.


Horse Trekking in Iceland